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The Full Story

Hello Gorgeous!

Welcome to your opportunity. What opportunity?

Your opportunity to connect, to collaborate, to be inspired, to create!

I am Tralona Boisne, or as I lovingly refer to myself; Wandering Wallflower. I am co-founder and co-owner of French Finish Wall Upholstery and Quarters Sur Mesure. Partnered with my husband Joe, we're a boutique wall upholstery workroom and installation company based in New York. If you're not familiar with French Finish or QSM, please have a look-see. I promise you won't be disappointed.

The reality is, I am not a professional anything, but I am a passionate everything! I've had a lot of professional turns on my walk of this life including but not limited to waiter, salesperson, merchandiser, retail buyer, warehouse manager, corporate sales assistant, etc! For the last 14 years I've held the position of wife, mama of 2, small business owner, a professional apprentice, and most recently curator and textile designer! You may be able to surmise that, as a multi-passionate, endlessly creative soul; some parts of this employment history did not serve me to my liking! I have always been a fan of and attracted to the creative arts and expression. Be it music, dance, photography, illustration, painting, or making in general; if it takes curious ingenuity or colorful invention, I'm into it! I once stood on a pier in Sydney Australia watching a didgeridoo performer for 30 minutes! As such an enthusiast of so many things, I am constantly absorbing, learning. and "figuring out". 

Over the years of building our company French Finish Wall Upholstery with Joe, I've had the opportunity to gain knowledge, understanding, and appreciation for the importance of the spaces we hang out in and the effects they can have on our emotional state of being. I've sort of developed an obsession for the work of interiors! I've enlisted myself to act as muse, supplier, creator, installer, hype-man or WHATEVER is needed to achieve a palpable visual translation of emotion in our work and living spaces!

French Alpine Ibex

Experience and Story

are what it's all about!

Our lives are made up of experiences. 

It is from our experiences that we form our memories and tell our stories.

Good or Bad. Static or Evolved.

They are who and what we were, are, and the foundation of who we become.

left: King Bex art print
While visiting a mountain reserve in the French Alps, this lovely creature gave me all the face and positions on top of a little keepers shack with views of the Mon Blanc in the back!


Center: Liquid Wallcovering and Textile artwork Rainwater that gathered on the sunroof of the car while I waited outside the house with groceries in the backseat during a rainstorm.

The Way I see It

As a collector of experiences and connections, I am always open to inspiration. The artwork, designs and prints all start as a personal experience on an occasion. I was compelled to carry the memory with me and through the process I call my creative chaos, I present a version of that memory to you. Textile designs born as family outing photographs. The whimsical wow of a morning sunrise informing the color palette of an upholstered wall tile design. I allow myself to stand agape in the face of the everyday, sometimes mundane events of my world. For me, those moments have endless potential and contagious creative energy.

right: Lotus Flower (Water Lily) during a visit to Untermeyer Gardens with the boys in Yonkers

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