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Creative Concept Resource and Boutique 

Little Shop of Gorgeous is an online boutique presented by French Finish Wall Upholstery

offering a unique assortment of textiles, wall coverings, wall decor, artwork, and design details for interiors. The Little Shop also offers design, production, and coordinating installation services for select commissioned goods*.

Unique Textiles and Wallcoverings

Select from current designs of wallpaper, wall coverings, and fabrics

Custom Design and Production

Contact for custom design, layout and production of upholstered screens, doors, and wall tiles

Wall art and Decor

Select from available photography prints, wall art, and unique interior pieces

Installation Services

Custom wall upholstery and upholstered wall tile installation provided via French Finish Wall Upholstery.
Wallcovering and artwork installer recommendations availble upon request.


Creative Consulting

Contact for project review and discussion. You bring the seed, we'll grow it together!

The Little Shop of Gorgeous

The Little Shop of Gorgeous was born indirectly out of my "disposition" as a multi-passionate creative and proud trash panda! Having many interests that are able to mingle with my paying job at French Finish as "professional apprentice"(pronounced Go-fer in all other professions), can get a little messy. Mess is especially problematic in the workroom of a master Artisan and Craftsman like my husband and partner Joe whose job it is is to achieve near perfection and ensure tight and tidy corners. After SEVERAL hints and cues, I took a smaller shop close by (it's literally across the hall!) where I could keep and create all of my passion projects and "finds". Each day we'd go to our respective shops, and by that I mean Joe would go to OUR French Finish workroom and I would go to MY little shop across the hall in which he was not allowed! It became a running joke when he would probe me for what I was doing in there and my response was always "Don't you worry about The Little Shop of Gorgeous. I'm making pretty happen!" And with a name like that, how could I not take it further? A mental, physical, and now virtual arena for me to create and offer inspiration for a well curated space. The shop promotes in house creative concept development, unique textiles and details, and art prints as well as artworks and sculptures created by a collection of our amazingly talented friends from around the globe.


Wallcovering and wallpaper sample product must be ordered prior to full roll purchase


914.613.7861 /


530 Nepperhan Ave 5E Yonkers NY 10701

Thanks for submitting!

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